Mardi 09 Mai 2023 de 14h00 à 15h00


Associate Professor in Genetics @Biotech, AUA & Head of Dark DNA group

Medical School of Athens University, Greece

"Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning turning the page on rational drug design”

contact : Andrei TURTOI (Inserm)

Why is so hard to design or discover a new drug nowadays? Is it because all the “easy” ones have been discovered? Is it because new regulations for taking a new candidate drug through clinical trials are too strict? It is because it is so time consuming and very expensive business indeed? Or is it just that the tools that have been used in this field are outdated and need to be refreshed? In this direction, novel Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning pipelines are being designed by the merging of a repertoire of different scientific disciplines. Medicinal chemistry meets informatics, mathematics, biology, translational medicine, genetics and big data science and the result is simply amazing and very promising! There is new hope for drugs for cancer, autoimmune diseases, neurodegenerative diseases, inflammation and even rare diseases under the prism of precision medicine. Those new techniques and recent major scientific breakthroughs pave the way towards the development and establishment of the novel holistic drug design stratagems of tomorrow. However, even though it is clear that teaching an old dog new tricks is possible, it looks like it may not happen overnight. 

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