Seminaire Mabimprove Mercredi 22 Mars à 11h

Patrick Legembre

Director of Research Inserm - Laboratoire CRIBL ( Contrôle de la Réponse Immune B et Lymphoproliférations) - UMR CNRS 7276 - Inserm U1262 à l'Université de Limoges

" Therapeutic molecules to counteract the chronic Inflammation and the metastatic dissemination mediated by FasL/Fas pair in triple negative breast cancer (TNBC)"

Abstract : "FasL belongs to the TNF family and interacts with the “so-called” death receptor Fas to trigger apoptosis. FasL is a transmembrane ligand, which can be cleaved by metalloproteases to release a soluble factor. While the membrane-bound FasL is a potent inducer of apoptosis, its soluble counterpart fails to induce cell death but trigger pro-inflammatory signals promoting the migration of triple negative breast cancer cells. More recently, we found that the loss of Fas in TNBC cells engenders a potent pro-inflammatory NF-kB signaling pathway, which promotes the elimination of the cancer cells via the activation/recruitment of anti-tumor NK cells. Because Fas expression is maintained in breast cancer cells isolated from TNBC patients and is associated with a good prognosis, we now aim at identifying in a comprehensive manner the Fas-dependent molecular mechanism controlling NF-kB in these TNBC cells."

Contact : Nathalie Bonnefoy

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