job Post/doc Engineer for 18 Months

Publication : 02/09/2020

The NanoTumor consortium is a French national multi-disciplinary workforce that aims to study cancer initiation and progression at molecular and subcellular level, by combining cutting-edge technologies and expertise in electron and fluorescence 2D-3D imaging, spatial transcriptomics and mass-spectrometry, micropatterning and microfluidics/biomechanics in various cellular and animal models, anti-intrabody/PPI engineering, and high-throughput screening. It will explore several children and adults’ cancers characteristics from the structure of underlying molecular complexes, spatio-temporal genes and proteins expression patterns, all the way up to subcellular organization, tissues morphology/rheology, and ultimately drug design and screening.

To support the research program of WP3, a postdoc/engineer will be initially hired for 18 months with the objective of securing 18 additional months. The postdoc/engineer will be in charge of optimizing the experimental protocols required during the project, in particular immunochemistry, cell culture, live cell imaging techniques, and biochemistry. The postdoc/engineer will be also in charge of the formation of students (Masters, PhD) to these experimental approaches. Previous experience in NGS, proteomics, HTS, protein engineering, and/or bioinformatics would be a strong asset. The position will be located at the IRCM in Montpellier, but will require personal flexibility since the postdoc/engineer may be involved in experiments in all the laboratories of the consortium (stays from days to months).



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