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the IRCM research teams
the IRCM research teams

L'Institut de Recherche en Cancérologie de Montpellier :
«Together, let's push the boundaries»



DIMITRIS VLACHAKISAssociate Professor in Genetics @Biotech, AUA & Head of Dark DNA groupMedical School of Athens University, Greece "Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning turning the page on rational drug design”contact : Andrei TURTOI (Inserm)Why is so hard to design or discover a new drug nowadays? Is it because all the “easy” ones have been discovered? Is it because new regulations for taking a new candidate drug through clinical trials are too strict? It is because it is so time consuming and very expensive business indeed? Or is it just that the tools that have been used in this field are outdated and need to be refreshed? In this direction, novel Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning pipelines are being designed by the merging of a repertoire of different scientific disciplines. Medicinal chemistry meets informatics, mathematics, biology, translational medicine, genetics and big data science and the result is simply amazing and very promising! There is new hope for drugs for cancer, autoimmune diseases, neurodegenerative diseases, inflammation and even rare diseases under the prism of precision medicine. Those new techniques and recent major scientific breakthroughs pave the way towards the development and establishment of the novel holistic drug design stratagems of tomorrow. However, even though it is clear that teaching an old dog new tricks is possible, it looks like it may not happen overnight. 
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CRISTINA MUNOZ PINEDOPreclinical and Experimental Research in Thoracic Tumors (PreTT)IDIBELL - Barcelone"Paracrine and systemic consequences of the Integrated Stress Response in lung cancer"contact : Laurent Le Cam
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Nicolas BERY

Cancer Research Centre of Toulouse (CRCT)/Inserm/Université Paul Sabatier/CNRS

Targeting hard-to-drug proteins in cancer with intracellular antibodies

contact : Eric Julien (CNRS/Inserm)

En réponse aux thérapies anti-cancéreuses, des voies de signalisations peuvent être activées et induire une résistance des cellules cancéreuses à ces traitements. Ces voies sont généralement régulées par des oncoprotéines et des interactions protéine-protéine. Notre projet consiste à déterminer les mécanismes moléculaires contrôlant la résistance des tumeurs pancréatiques, en identifiant et inhibant des (onco)protéines et/ou des interactions protéine-protéine cibles. Pour cela, nous développons des méthodes et outils innovants basés sur la technologie des anticorps intracellulaires. Ces anticorps dérivent du domaine variable d’immunoglobulines à simple chaine lourde de camélidés et sont appelés « nanobody ». Ils se lient de façon spécifique à leur cible et peuvent ainsi bloquer leur(s) fonction(s) dans les cellules. Il est également possible de fonctionnaliser ces anticorps avec des molécules effectrices. Par exemple, les anticorps dégradeurs sont fusionnés à une E3 ubiquitine ligase pour induire la dégradation spécifique de leur cible. En utilisant ces technologies, nous inhibons à façon des médiateurs de voies de signalisation afin de définir l’implication de ces dernières dans la résistance des cellules cancéreuses pancréatiques

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Eric Julien, research director at IRCM - Institut de Recherche en Cancérologie de Montpellier and his team received financial support from the @laliguecancer of the Pyrénées-Orientales

Eric Julien, research director at IRCM - Institut de Recherche en Cancérologie de Montpellier and his team received financial support from the @laliguecancer of the Pyrénées-Orientales for the early detection and treatment of aggressive prostate cancer.Thanks for their financial support ?  En savoir plus : 
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The fluorescence module of the slide scanner is installed!

The fluorescence module of the slide scanner is installed!It is currently being validated by #MRI_Montpellier before being opened to the scientific community.Thank you to the Rotary clubs for their support of cancer research at the #IRCM and the #ICM  
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Thanks to the financial support of ITMO Cancer AVIESAN, #SIRICMontpel and IRCM - Institut de Recherche en Cancérologie de Montpellier, Pouget Lab (Jean-Pierre Pouget) and #LaetitiaLinares teams

Thanks to the financial support of ITMO Cancer AVIESAN, #SIRICMontpel and IRCM - Institut de Recherche en Cancérologie de Montpellier, Pouget Lab (Jean-Pierre Pouget) and #LaetitiaLinares teams have purchased a new #ZetaView installed by EXCILONE for Montpellier Scientific Community  
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Bravo à Sarah Dandou, doctorante #IRCM, qui a obtenu le prix "poster jeunes chercheurs" de la Fondation d'Entreprise SILAB - Jean Paufique lors du 18ème congrès du "Cancéropôle Grand Sud-Ouest" à La Grande Motte.

Bravo à Sarah Dandou, doctorante #IRCM, qui a obtenu le prix "poster jeunes chercheurs" de la Fondation d'Entreprise SILAB - Jean Paufique lors du 18ème congrès du "Cancéropôle Grand Sud-Ouest" à La Grande Motte. Son poster intitulé "Mechanistic models and machine learning for survival analysis helps predicting resistance acquisition in metastatic melanoma patients" porte sur le thème de la recherche fondamentale et appliquée au diagnostic, au pronostic et au traitement des pathologies dermatologiques et plus particulièrement des cancers de la peau (#melanoma). Sarah effectue son doctorat au sein des équipes de biologistes de Peter Coopman (IRCM/INSERM U1194) et de biologistes des systèmes computationnelles d'Ovidiu Radulescu (LPHI/CNRS UMR 5235), #umontpellier.Félicitations Sarah ?  
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For the 4th edition of #ExploreForCancer, @BMSFrance donated ¤200,000 to the IRCM - Institut de Recherche en Cancérologie de Montpellier

For the 4th edition of #ExploreForCancer, @BMSFrance donated ¤200,000 to the IRCM - Institut de Recherche en Cancérologie de Montpellier, which help developing the Spatial Transcriptomics platform and will advance the fight against cancer.A huge THANKS for your support !!!
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Congratulations Ghita Chabab! The Immunity and cancer team @IRCM_MTP is proud to see your thesis work on regulatory gd T cells rewarded by the Hélène Starck prize of the ARC foundation! Thank you to the @FRM_officiel and the @FondationARC for their support! @ICM_Montpellier
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the word of the director

"Together, let's push the limits."

"In barely 20 years, the Institut de Recherche en Cancérologie de Montpellier (IRCM U1194) has succeeded in raising its research to the highest international level in the field of fundamental and applied cancer research, carried out in close collaboration with the clinical departments of the Montpellier Cancer Center (ICM: l'Institut du Cancer de Montpellier), and industrial partners. Under the joint supervision of Inserm, the ICM and the University of Montpellier, the IRCM brings together more than 240 people, researchers, clinicians, technicians and students, organized in 16 research teams that rely on high-performance technical platforms and competent support services. In an extremely competitive and rapidly evolving field of research, our greatest challenge is to stay one step ahead. To do so, we will continue to structure cancer research in Montpellier, to seek excellence and to accelerate innovation and transfer to the patient in order to ultimately contribute to overcoming the countless different forms of cancer. Together, let's push the limits"

Nathalie Bonnefoy, Director of the IRCM

the word of the director


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