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The GenAc platform is dedicated to the development of original antibodies for therapeutic and diagnostic applications using phage display. Antibodies are selected and produced fully in vitro without preclinical model immunization. The recombinant monoclonal antibodies thus produced can be freely reformatted according to the planed applications. Currently, the platform can produce antibodies in human (IgG1 kappa or lambda), preclinical model (IgG2a) or rabbit (IgG) format with a wild type, an inactive or an improved Fc fragment.

The platform is located on the ground floor of the Institut de Recherche en Cancérologie de Montpellier (IRCM) since its creation in July 2013 with the support of Inserm Transfert and SIRIC.


Area of expertise: Monoclonal antibodies, Phage Display, Recombinant protein production


Project submission: request submitted to the steering committee (SIRIC or Inserm Transfer)


Pricing: on request



          Dr. Pierre Martineau (Scientific Officer)

          Dr Bruno Robert (Scientific Director)

          Dr Myriam Chentouf (Platform Manager)

          Madeline Neiveyans (Study Engineer)





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