Hormone signaling and cancer : V. Cavaillès


The main scientific objective of the team is to decipher the transcriptional networks controlling the expression of key genes involved in the control of cellular homeostasis and to understand how their alterations contribute to the formation and progression of cancer. Our work is mainly focused on the transcription coregulators RIP140 and LCoR and on the signaling by nuclear receptors. In parallel, we develop a more applied research based on the generation and use of bioluminescent cell lines to characterize endocrine disruptors.


The expected results are a better understanding of the molecular mechanisms of cancer resistance to therapy and the identification of new diagnostic and/or prognostic markers for the management of gastrointestinal and gynecological cancers. Our work may also lead to the identification of new combinations of therapeutic agents for better efficacy of inhibition of cancer growth. Finally, it also help to identify combinations of environmental molecules able to participate actively in the carcinogenesis process with obvious consequences for the prevention of carcinogenic risks.



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