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IPAM is an emerging platformof Biocamous ( that includes several imaging systems localized in Montpellier laboratories.

IPAM is an emerging platformof Biocampus ( that includes several imaging systems localized in Montpellier laboratories.It offers different imaging modalities that are complementary, and allow support for various programs in life science such as oncology, immunology, cardiology, neurobiology, embryonic development…The platform is open to academic and industrial teams, and works closely with MRI (Montpellier RIO imaging), RHEM and RAM platforms. It is also part of “Cancéropole GSO imaging club”.


Altogether, IPAM equipments allow visualization of phenomenon from the cellular level up to the preclinical model level, and provide functional, anatomical and molecular informations. All our systems allow non invasive longitudinal in vivo studies useful to follow the development and progression of pathologies and the long-term effect of drugs.

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