Immunity and cancer : N. Bonnefoy


Over the past decade, the focus of cancer treatment has shifted from the tumor to the host, with the development of various forms of immune-based therapies that mobilize the immune system to promote or restore an effective anti-tumor immune response. A better understanding of the relationships between cancer cells and cells of the immune system is mandatory to further improve patient’s outcome. As illustrated by our recent work on the CD39/CD73/Adenosine pathway (Perrot I et al. 2019), through a deep and comprehensive analysis of tumor immune microenvironment, the Immunity & Cancer team in close collaboration with clinicians and industrial partners, aims at deciphering immunosuppressive molecular and cellular mechanisms that contribute to tumor escape from immune surveillance and at offering proof-of-concept for new targets and new immune based combined therapies to improve response to conventional therapies such as targeted therapies or radio- and chemo-therapies.


Figure : Tumor cell recognized by a cytotoxic lymphocyte


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