Radiobiology and Targeted Radiotherapy : Jean-Pierre POUGET & David AZRIA


Our research team is a multidisciplinary core expert team of about 30 scientists (radiobiologists, physicists, and chemists) and clinicians (nuclear medicine, radiation oncology, and radiology). Our main objective is to develop preclinical and clinical radiobiological approaches for targeted radionuclide therapy (TRT) and conventional external beam radiotherapy (EBRT) in order to promote personalized and optimized treatment practices. 

In the field of TRT, we are developing a streamlined multi-step approach in animals and patients that includes: 
•    Radiobiological analysis 
•    New theranostic radiopharmaceuticals to target tumor cells or the tumor microenvironment
•    Imaging and multiscale dosimetric approaches 
•    Clinical translation

In the field of EBRT, we focus on understanding the development of late radiation-induced toxicity in healthy tissue by working on:
•    Prediction of radiation-induced toxicity in patients with cancer using the RILA test
•    Identification of lymphocyte sub-populations in patients with cancer with and without late radiation-induced toxicity and signaling pathways implicated in radiation-induced lymphocyte apoptosis.

For our research projects, we have set up a suitable environment and we also manage the IRCM preclinical irradiation (XenX, Xstrahl™) and small animal imaging facilities (nanoSPECT/CT, nanoPET/CT, bioluminescence) that allow us to mimic clinical situations. We have established several partnerships with pharmaceutical companies. This contributes to make IRCM a reference center in the radiobiology of TRT and of healthy tissues exposed to EBRT.




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Team Leader  :  Jean-Pierre Pouget & David Azria

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