Histology Facility (RHEM) / BioCampus

Services :

The RHEM_IRCM core facility has been IBiSA certified since 2015.

It offers :

  • the provision of work spaces,
  • the management of scientific projects with the realization of histological techniques and/or pathological analysis in service or collaboration mode,
  • an R&D activity with, for example, the development of new biomarkers.

Since 2019 and in collaboration with the BioCampus quality department and IBiSA's qualitician, RHEM is developing a Quality Management System. The quality approach aims to improve the facility's operation and know-how. It orients the strategy (organization and production) according to the customer's expectations and allows the team to work in better conditions. The objective is to obtain NFX 50-900 and ISO-9001 certifications for the RHEM_IRCM core facility.

The services are divided into 4 main parts:

  • paraffin embedding,
  • sectioning of the FFPE blocks,
  • staining and immunolabeling of the produced slides,
  • scanning, in collaboration with the MRI core facility.

In order to have an access to our services, users must be trained on our Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS).

Research & development (R&D) :

In addition, the core facility is also involved in R&D. It offers:

  • the custom design of Tissue MicroArray (TMA),
  • the development of immunohistochemical and immunofluorescent stainings in simplex and multiplex.

You can discover all the RHEM activities on the site via the link .

We provide training courses on demand but also an annual training workshop that teaches good practices in the collection and preparation of organs for pathological analysis.

We also provide users with equipment dedicated to histology (microtome and cryostat). These equipments are freely accessible after a specific training by a member of our staff, and can be booked on our website.

Biological Tissue Collection Project:

The portal of the Biological Tissue Collection (BTC) is currently being created with the aim of enhancing the biological resources of the Montpellier scientific community and of the samples processed by the RHEM. This block library will be available for online consultation by the whole scientific community. In particular, it will allow scientific interaction between research groups and will reduce the number of animals used for experimental purposes (in line with the 3Rs policy of Reduce-Replace-Replace) and give a second life to tissue blocks.


Support :

Our network is supported by the supervisory bodies, the Cancéropôle Grand Sud-Ouest, Montpellier SIRIC, the Occitanie Region and Europe.

Team :

The team is composed by

  • A scientific manager : Florence BERNEX,
  • An operational manager : Nelly PIROT,
  • A technical staff including 4 assistant-engineers (Jean-Yohan Noël, Aurélie Covinhes, Morgane Broyon and Alicia Seguin) and a study engineer (Hanane Mansouri).

Contact :

Tel. 04 11 28 31 38



                                                                From left to right : Alicia Seguin, Nelly Pirot, Morgane Broyon, Florence Bernex, Aurélie Covinhes, Jean-Yohan Noël and Hanane Mansouri.

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