Histology Facility (RHEM) / BioCampus

We offer different routine stainings, as illustrated in the following figure. For this, we use an autostainer (HMS740, Microm) and an automated glass coverslipper (CTM 6, Microm).
Services have to be requested through our electronic tracking system named SETIPH ("Système électronique de Traçabilité et d’interrogation du plateau d’histologie de Montpellier") at the following address: This service is opened to any external research teams from public as well as private companies and biotechs after registration (

      After specific training, registered users can have access to the equipment of all facilities of the RHEM network. The IRCM facility provides an embedding module, semi-automated and automated microtomes, an antigen unmasking and deparaffining module, and automated staining systems and coverslipper for large series (upon specific request). The equipments can be booked at the following address:
The IRCM Histology core facility applies guidelines of the RHEM quality management strategy, including the use of the electronic tracking system (SETIPH). Of note, histology processing is part of a more global project which main goal is to improve anatomopathological analyses of experimental models. In collaboration with MRI (Montpellier RIO Imaging), stained sections can be digitalized with the NanoZoomer slide scanner (Hamamatsu) and analyzed on a web interface (e-diagnostic).

Team members of IRCM histology core facility are the following :
For more informations regarding access to RHEM resources, please contact Nelly Pirot.

Contacts :
Laurent Le Cam :   Tél : 04 67 61 23 49

Nelly Pirot :    Tél : 04 67 61 24 19

Yohan Noël :   Tél : 04 67 61 23 85
Laura de Oliveira :   Tél.: 04 67 61 23 85
Marion Olive :   Tél.: 04 67 61 23 85


Florence Bernex :   Tél : 04 67 61 24 19

Price list of services of the IRCM core histology facility (in progress)



Publications :


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