Functional screening and targeting in cancer : P. Martineau


The team is dedicated to the development of innovative antibody-based biological molecules with novel activities for biosensors and patient treatment. In particular, three strongly linked axes are developed:

  - Structure-function-activity studies of antibodies with the main objective of designing and building synthetic optimized human antibody libraries

  - The use of these antibodies as biosensor tools for the analysis and study of proteins in the cell, particularly with regard to post-translational modifications

  - The development of innovative antibodies with improved profiles for tumor targeting by harnessing the specificities of the tumor cell and its microenvironment

The approaches developed within the team are available for external academic or industrial teams through the genAc platform, which proposes on a collaborative basis the development of human antibodies for in vitro, preclinical and clinical applications.




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Team Leader : Pierre Martineau

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