Vendredi 02 Juin 2023 de 14h00 à 15h00

MATTHIAS DROSTEN (ATTENTION Séminaire décalé au vendredi 02 Juin à 14h)

Centro de Investigación del Cáncer (CIC) and Instituto de Biología Molecular y Celular del Cáncer (IBMCC), CSIC-USAL, Salamanca, Spain

"Targeting RAS signaling in lung cancer"

contact : Antonio Maraver (Inserm) -ATTENTION Séminaire décalé au vendredi 02 Juin à 14h

KRAS oncogenes have been identified in a quarter of all human lung tumors. Recently, several inhibitors were developed that target specific mutant KRAS isoforms and two of them, directed against the KRAS G12C oncoprotein, have just been approved. However, most patients develop resistance against these inhibitors and no actual survival benefits have been observed in clinical trials. Thus, it is urgently required to identify novel therapeutic options applicable to most if not all patients with KRAS-mutant tumors. I will discuss what we have learned from genetically engineered mouse models about the development of resistance to KRAS inhibition. Moreover, I will present novel insights into the mechanisms of KRAS signaling in lung cancer and how a better understanding of KRAS signaling may help to overcome resistance to targeting either KRAS itself or its MAPK effector pathway.

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