job Postdoctoral Position in Modeling of Drug resistant Lung Cancers Microenvironment

The Colinge Laboratory Cancer Bioinformatics and Systems Biology at IRCM (Cancer Research Institute of Montpellier) is looking for a talented postdoctoral fellow.


The microenvironment of cancer cells is known to play an important role in tumor progression and resistance. We are looking for a talented post-doctoral scientist to develop models relating the response to different drugs, e.g. platinum-based, with the microenvironment of lung adenocarcinomas (LUADs). This work will integrate on-going developments to infer the cellular interactions taking place in tumor microenvironments (TMEs), both in single cell transcriptomics and bulk analyses (Cabello et al., 2020; Alame et al., 2020). We aim at establishing quantitative and predictive models of treatment outcome based on data acquired from mouse tumors following different dynamics (rapid/slow growth, spontaneous/acquired resistance, response, etc.). The project involves a consortium of expert laboratories in lung cancer and mouse models thereof, bulk and single cell transcriptomics, modèle préclinique computer tomography, and 3D-imaging. The postdoc position is funded for 2 years.



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