Lundi 19 Novembre 2018
Lundi 19 novembre 2018, 14h

Sylvie Mader

IRIC, Université de Montréal, Qc, Canada

"Targeting estrogen receptor signaling in breast cancer treatment: lessons from omics approaches and live cell biosensors"

Contact IRCM : Marie-Alix Poul

Vendredi 14 Décembre 2018
Vendredi 14 décembre 2018, 14H

Sylvain Méloche

IRIC, Université de Montréal, Qc, Canada

"Identification and preclinical validation of new therapeutic targets in liver cancer."

Contact IRCM : Marie-Alix Poul

Mercredi 13 Février 2019
Mercredi 13 Février 2019, 14h; SIRIC Cancer Highlight Seminar

Sophie Lelièvre

Purdue University Center for Cancer Research, West Lafayette, In. USA

“Cancer-on-a-chip to study progression mechanisms and anticancer drug sensitivity”

Contact IRCM : Charles Theillet

Mercredi 18 Septembre 2019
Mercredi 18 septembre 2018, 14H, séminaire IRCM

Nicolas Damond

Université de Zurich, Suisse

« Deep profiling of tissue ecosystems with Imaging Mass Cytometry »

Contact IRCM : Nathalie Bonnefoy

Jeudi 12 Juillet 2018
Vendredi 13 Juillet 2018, 14H

Franck Vandemoere, 


IGF, CNRS UMR5203, INSERM U1191, Montpellier


"Regulation by phosphorylation of two GPCRs targeted by antipsychotics"



Mercredi 20 Juin 2018
Mercredi 20 Juin 2018, 14h00

Giulio Preta


Life Science Center, Vilnius University, Lithuania


'Targeting lipid rafts as a strategy against infection and cancer"


Short summary of the work: 

Lipid rafts are membrane micro-domains that are enriched in cholesterol, sphingomyelin, sphingolipids and phospholipids. Their importance for living cells is underlined by their involvement in many processes including bacterial and viral entry, cardiovascular and prion diseases as well as cancer. Targeting lipid rafts is emerging as an innovative strategy to limit bacterial or viral infection and to increase the sensitivity to apoptosis of different types of tumours. Behind well-known cholesterol depleting agents (cyclodextrin) new compounds involved in cholesterol homeostasis were recently discovered. These potential drug candidates are capable to modify the lipid rafts composition and to alter the signalling platform associated with them.  Multiple technologies including confocal microscopy to visualize lipid rafts, viability assays to determine the toxic effect of compounds on the cells, offer the opportunity to study in details the changes induced by this new class of cholesterol-targeting agents.

Vendredi 22 Juin 2018
Vendredi 22 Juin 2018, 14h00

Jérôme Déjardin


IGH, CNRS, Montpellier 


"Atypical heterochromatin stimulates alternative lengthening of telomeres"



Mardi 12 Juin 2018
Mardi 12 Juin 2018, 14h00

Julien Faget


ISREC/EPFL, Lausanne, Suisse


"Learning from models of immunotherapy resistant lung cancer"

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